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I am Scott Hortop. Unlike many involved with the web, I am neither a product of art college or have a formal computer background. I worked with the business advisors KPMG for over 20 years before leaving in Spring 2002. The photograph was taken shortly afterwards.

I now combine my business experience with my own interests in photography and in supporting businesses developing on the web. I see synergies between these interests and my previous background and I am keen to identify and develop new innovative solutions for photographers and businesses alike. As an enthusiast for the capabilities of the web, I am particularly keen to identify businesses where the web truly can transform their fortunes - and help them achieve this end.

At photoconnect.net, I run my own online business. It may look like many other sites that sell photographs but in fact is almost unique in that each image can be found from searches on the internet's main search engines - many on page 1 position 1.

I have actively participated in contributing to the World Wide Web since 1996 and within KPMG I developed striking but user-friendly intranet content. I worked in a specialist group that advised entities from small dot.coms to the largest global businesses on their tax and internet strategies. There, as well as serving clients, I was the individual responsible for ensuring that professionals globally were armed with the e-Business knowledge to be able to deal with the wide diversity of businesses trading over the internet. I communicated this knowledge through an intranet site that I developed and through presenting at conferences to professionals of all grades in the UK and Europe

Moving on from this area, I then become involved full time in looking at options and making recommendations for how KPMG's own medium term web proposition for clients should be developed including the part that the internet should play in the delivery of services.

At the severe risk of boring you, I should add that like the majority of those who work for the big 4 business advisors, I qualified as a chartered accountant. My early career was spent in audit (whatever image this conjures up, it does give you a tremendous grounding in how many different businesses work). I then moved through a phase of business investigation work before changing tack and becoming a tax advisor. And then the web happened....

Don't hold back from contacting me for an informal discussion of how I could help you. You should find me (relatively) a jargon free zone, straightforward to deal with, a person who believes in delivering a quality service and results.


Photo by Brian Stefan

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