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Clean, attractive, navigable, usable web design is what most people like to see. Whether starting from scratch or overhauling an existing site, I can deliver something that will fit your business and its place in the marketplace. I can give you a site that you can update yourself directly on screen or through user friendly interfaces designed for you. I can also build sites that can interact with your customers.

I can integrate quality original photography and graphic design to give your site personality, to project your business at its best.

Web design goes far deeper than what you can see on a page. Often it is important to capture high search rankings on the most popular search engines or achieve fast download times - but both of these demands are best achieved with simple page design. They pull against the desire that most have to incorporate attractive visual design features on the page. Because achieving a favourable balance is a science rather than an art, I apply care and a knowledge of web design techniques that will get the best all round results.

I can help with intranets too. Read more on how I can help you get more value out of your intranet investment here.


It is tempting for web designers to show off all the gimmicky bells and whistles that they may consider to be the stock of their trade. If you want some of the latest technologies then I can make sure that they are there - but the site design will not be driven around them.

More prevalent is that the web designer shoehorns your business into a template design (off the peg estate agencies, dating sites etc abound). Little effort for the designer - but if your site is under the skin the same as the competition, how can you really differentiate yourself?

Every site I build comes from a clean sheet. It may cost more (it often does not!) but you will get something individual of lasting value to your business.


Don't take it for granted that your website is yours. Unless specifically provided for in writing, the code that holds it together will probably belong to the web designer, as may the webspace on which is located. So if you want to switch designer to upgrade the site in a couple of years time you will have to start from scratch.

You will own any site that I set up for you and, unless you wish otherwise, I will ensure that the webspace on which it sits is yours too. The only reason that you need feel tied to me as a service provider is because I provide the service you want.

Whatever your needs, my flexible approach means that I can operate to most budgets. Contact me to discuss what is possible.

Web design - what does it cost?

Click here for a copy of my standard terms and conditions.

Web design portfolio

Projects just being completed include a new improved website for Young Enterprise that features my photography and will allow controlled updating of all content by officers and volunteers, and Soulinks.org, a totally new full featured community site for holistic and spiritually minded individuals..


An online art gallery with easy to use design structure including bespoke database design that means that the owner is able to easily maintain content provided by artists through an intuitive interface.

Site for speed dating in London - online credit card booking and updatable by the client.
Property management, sales and letting in France including photography.

Photography and web design including online ordering of arrangements using NoChex.

Photography and HTML/Flash web design for an entertainment and event management company.

Logo, design and development of site with online placement and editing of adverts by customers, credit card payments - designed to minimise intervention by site owner.

Japanese Imports
Logo, web design and development for an importer of Japanese cars

Web design, graphics, development and photography for an online stock photography agency

Fairburn Edser Smith
Web design and photography for a firm of business consultants

City Trainers
Web design and photography for a firm of personal trainers

A database driven news commentary site. Once written, articles are categorised, published and categorised automatically and are editable.

Shirley Eborn
Web design, graphics and photography for a costume maker

Living Bonsai
Web design and a fully editable website for a bonsai tree supplier

The Loving Heart Centre
Web design and logo for an extensive site, fully expandable and updateable by the owner.
Anna Florio
Web design and a fully editable website for a photographer




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