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You may be a small business thinking about taking advice from a web consultant about setting up your first web site. Alternatively you may have an established business that is wishing to ensure that its existing web site is doing all that it can for you. In terms of web site usability, design or functionality, there are ways in which my depth of business experience can help you:


How should your new web presence be positioned to complement your offline activities? Are there new markets, perhaps outside the UK, that could be economically accessed? What effort should be directed at the web - are there in fact better options available?

Your business may already have a web presence, internet or intranet, but can you be sure that it is doing the best for you? Your business needs to be ready to reassess direction as the web changes shape and new opportunities or threats emerge.

If you have any doubts about the position, then the chances are that your business could benefit from independent advice to give you the confidence in making decisions so that that your web strategy is right.


As a user of the web you will be all too aware of the frustrating experiences that web sites can give.

With a real understanding of your business and its customers I can make sure that you have a a navigable web site that looks right on all screens and gets the right content quickly to the customer. A truly useful and usable website will give your customers and clients something that will keep your business just a click or two from their attention.

For some, web site accessibility is about maximising potential customer base. For others it is about staying within the law. I can help you make a knowledgeable decision about what to do about web site accessibility.

Web site usability and accessibility is fine, but how about getting the site visited? I can help you ensure that your marketing budget is spent as efficiently as possible by assessing the range of options and recommending those that are the best value for your business.


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services as a web consultant to help decision making, form and implement your web strategy

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services to help with your existing web presence or intranet including re-design, marketing, accessibility and web site usability reviews


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