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Video is an unrivalled medium to communicate ideas and information within and outside your business, on intranets and over the internet. Advancing technology and the capabilities of the web means that it's never been more easy and cost effective to produce and present.

A billion people now have access to the internet, and broadband connections (at home and in the workplace) represent a rapidly increasing segment of users. Never before has it been possible to convey your ideas and
information so extensively through video in a form that is so convenient, requiring no tapes or discs to reach its audience.

For producing video for websites, I work with Shootyou.

Shootyou is a UK video production company staffed by former BBC television employees, based in London. They produce video for public relations, sales promotions, human resources, sales presentations, online marketing, financial services, internal communications on intranets etc.

Some samples of how clients used SHOOTYOU last year are linked opposite.

If video content on your website is one of your requirements, or you can see it being one for the future, then I can help you integrate quality content into a website with maximum impact.

If you merely need video then you can view Shootyou's website here.



Below are some examples of the work that Shootyou has produced in the last year. Click to play using the media player that works best for you. If you have a standard 56k modem connection then you might have to use your imagination to understand how effective video can be.


Costa Coffee - Re-branding
The re-branding of Costa Coffee was conducted through use of several videos shown at national symposia.

windows media


Casewise - Software promotion
Corporate Modeller is a tool used by many consultancies - promotes its use by streaming video testimonials from their site.

windows media (6.1mb)


Wicked and Lazy - Pop Promo
Since ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (1976) the music industry has used video to creatively communicate ideas. shoot you produced this video of the well known David Byrne song for the Pepsi Chart Show in August 2002.

windows media (8.35mb)


Guardian Media Group - Advertising
GMG commissioned this advert to raise awareness of their sponsorship of the Commonwealth Games 2002

windows media (2.5mb)



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