As (Dan) Harmon put it, “find your voice, shout it from the rooftops, and keep doing it until the people that are looking for you find you.

At XOXO, a Counterculture Kickstarts Itself | Wired Business | (via louobedlam)

The conference is interesting in itself, but I really liked the quote.

Deviant Art

Fiona and Emma by *Allablur on deviantART. I’ve rather forgotten about my presence on deviantArt. I’m posting this favourite of mine from a couple of years ago to see what happens when I use the dA tools to post an image here…..

(Having posted it at a larger size, I did’t like the outcome – blame dA using Flash – but works OK small – will have to consider other means in future).

What I like about this image is the little story conveyed in the eyes that at least one person is not committed to this (ficticious) relationship. Pretence on a pretend.

Copyright Scott H. / Allablur. Reblogging is cool – please credit the source.

Hone Office v. Mobile Office

Today I’m doing something which has long been intended but never quite auctioned – the mobile office….

So here I am sitting on jerky bus armed with phone, laptop, mobile broadband thingy – and G11 camera – trying to write an introduction to proceedings. Trouble is that if I do it too long I’ll throw up over the phone…

Home office 1 Mobile office 0

Tom Ford On Shrinkage

Via claytoncubitt:

“Women may have a hard time understanding this, but imagine if, when they were dressing for a party, their breasts looked great, and then, just as they were stepping out of the taxi to enter the restaurant, their breasts withered to a sad, wrinkled little things. Perhaps the unpredictability of the penis can make us nervous about taking our clothes off.” (thanks Karlo!)

This resonated a tad!

A missing week – previewing old age

It’s been a week since I last posted anything – my abdominals have been playing up culminating with a few hours spent on a surgical ward in a Brighton hospital while they decided whether or not to pull out my appendix.

They didn’t because they decided it wasn’t the appendix anyway. I’m 90 % OK now but there may still be more tests…..

Two things struck me when I was at the low points:

  • how physically difficult it can be to do simple things
  • how it became really quite difficult to be interested in anything (I have a pile of DVDs etc I always thought I would catch up with when laid low – managed to watch two but little more)

I’ve done shoots in old people’s homes – I considered it but I’m not going to use the images here. But you will know the score – the constant help needed to do simple things. The TV on but no one watching. This was my preview. 

Putting self before art

Pawing through the Guardian this morning, I could not help notice the headline that Maria Schneider, Marlon Brando’s co-star in Last Tango in Paris, has died. She was sadly only 58 and the thought from the article is that the fame, or notoriety, from that film (directed by Bernardo Bertolucci) impacted her life in a negative way. Of course we will never know.

Schneider in a interview likened the experience in the film to one of being raped and said, in a quote that confronts someone like me,  ”Never take your clothes off for a middle-aged man who claims that it’s art”. 

Whether, when she was young, her mind told her to do it for art, fame or money we will never know. It certainly seems that like Brando, she was charmed by Bertolucci. 

What comes across is that she did not appear in this film for her self, that she did not have the motivating factor of an inner self driven by fame or money, so that all that came out of it was regret.

Is the film art? I think history judges that it is. Whether you consider my photography art or not makes no difference, but in the end I’m clear that, in casting myself as the subject 25 years ago and since, it’s helped me as an individual develop and relate to my self and lead a relatively stable, happy life. I can look back and see that for me, even if I did not know it when it all started, it’s been therapy.

Blogger, the DMCA and me…

The DMCA is the rather grandly titled Digital Millennium Copyright Act and it appears that the people at Google, who run the blogging site Blogger have acted on a notice that I issued them at the end of last month to take down some of my images that were being used on a blog without my permission.

I recently wrote about this unauthorised image use. Such a shame because the commentary was good and the images well chosen to illustrate my work. It seems I’ll never know whether the writer was choosing to ignore my small request or somehow it never came to his attention. It beats me how someone writing an intelligent blog can choose not to include an email address so that they can be communicated with.

Photography Xmas present to me….

Those following my earlier post on digging out the Pentax 645 and shooting off a film may wonder where the results are. Well after managing to get chemicals delivered, I’ve not been able to find my developing tank. 

I have just given up looking & have ordered one which if it arrives will be my annual photography Xmas present to me from me. If it arrives…..

Pulling out the Pentax…..

I used to be a big fan of Pentax. We’re talking 70s and 80s now! I still have two 35mm SLR’s & a couple of lenses (inc 50mm f1.4) & am not getting rid of any of it. But don’t use it.

The coming of the Pentax 645D (only £10K) reminded me that I do have another Pentax. So I pulled out the Pentax 645 which I must have last used about 6 years ago. And there appears to be a film in it – only 1 exposure taken.

Like an idiot I stated playing with the controls, including the ISO dial. Ha! mistake! This isn’t digital – I need to know what speed film is in there…..  From memory it’s probably Fuji 160 asa print or slide but I’ll have to wait until opening to see.

Click. The wrong sort of click. Trouble? Change the batteries. Nothing. Press a few more buttons, still unsure what’s what. Click. The right sort but now weird winding sound that does not stop. Turn off. Secure the film back properly (I’d had a fiddle). Click. Very quick whirr… It seems OK!

This camera has been in a warm but dry loft. The film will be crap I’m just going to fire to the end to see if it gets there and what it is.

I’m testing as I write. The high pitched winding noise recurs as I get towards the end of the film. Turning off the camera and on again seems to solve the problem. 

The film turns out to be 100 asa Provia. I wonder what such film stored in an oven and shot at 160 asa looks like? No, I won’t bother…..

I’m going to have to get some very cheap out of date film off eBay to test this out. The sort which I could get 10,000 rolls of for the price of a Pentax 645D!