In a corner, taking the dark path

Nude female - In a dark corner

“In a corner, taking the dark path” From a collaborative nude shoot with E, about 8 years ago. A nude improvised from the location, a dark loft with a small skylight.

Naked partying at the Brighton Old Stein

World Naked Bike Ride 2013

Naked partying at Brighton Old Steine Naked partying at Brighton Old Steine

Brighton Naked Bike Ride – The group had just asked me to photograph me with their phones etc. I got preference in that over the clothed “photographers” all standing behind me because I was a naked participant too. The group barely stayed in position for me to get my own shots. But the top one worked really well and is my fave.

The dancing was spontaneous. Great fun.

More photos from Brighton Naked Bike Ride 2013


My first nude self portraits date from 1986. Move twenty years on and this is what was going on in my mind and with my body in 2006. It was a relatively quiet year 🙂 But the usual mix of styles, not all to be taken too seriously…

I am pulling together images grouping them by year. Follow the tag Year by Year to collate them all. This is the first set and they will go up in no particular order.

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North Laine hangout

Two guys hanging out amidst the graffiti art in Brighton’s North Laine. One that really has to be in colour. I’m not sure if they were trying to claim credit…

Birling Gap

Abandoned (2010)

Although it may not look it there were a fair few people around at Birling Gap.  In this part of the beach however they were mainly naturists so the only thing to be self concious about was the rather odd activity of moving around and dumping oneself in short lived and rather odd positions for sunbathing, all done in the name of art of course. I kept the camera itself relatively discrete behind a rock because let’s face it, clothed or unclothed, the process of being observed taking self portraits is just a little embarrassing!

I will give you rest


Promises, promises…..

This is a rare clothed self portrait to record the occasion of birthday number 54 today. Got an expresso machine & have overdosed on frothy capuccinos. Need to ground myself…. The pic was not taken today but Friday – which reminds me that I must stop fiddling with this computer & get out!