I decided that if my 26 year old VW Westfalia camper passed its MOT then I would take a slight detour on the way home and head to my much visited haunt at Ashcombe Bottom in the South Downs. It passed. But I also took a walking diversion on the way never got there. I stumbled upon a really interesting location and captured these images…

20140618-img_0584 Broken (2014) 20140618-img_0622

From Black Cap
From Black Cap

20140618-img_0674 20140618-img_0696 20140618-img_0698 Under Black Cap 20140618-img_0757

The Sapling

A cleared area in a Forest in Limousin, France, replanted in 2013 with tiny saplings midst the previous destruction. This follows a theme you may come across in other images of mine, the nakedness and vulnerability emphasise how hopeless those of us that seek to protect our environment can feel. I feel that the relative fragility of the model (it is myself) for once works to add strength to the image.
Naked self portrait in forest clearing with fragile sapling

“Rite of Spring” – Evoking naked ritual?

A post from a shoot in March 2011 which had lost it’s connected image on flickr. I have spotted quite a few like this that will have to be fixed. Very irritating but a chance to promote forward a few images lost at the back of this blog.

This was the first of the images from my first collaboration with Ada Sancerre. For the record, it was 10 degrees C. and windspeed up to 35 kph and it had rained continuously overnight. Yes, the British spring had arrived.

Birling Gap

Abandoned (2010)

Although it may not look it there were a fair few people around at Birling Gap.  In this part of the beach however they were mainly naturists so the only thing to be self concious about was the rather odd activity of moving around and dumping oneself in short lived and rather odd positions for sunbathing, all done in the name of art of course. I kept the camera itself relatively discrete behind a rock because let’s face it, clothed or unclothed, the process of being observed taking self portraits is just a little embarrassing!

In the face of grandeur – nude in the environment

nude self portrait beneath the white cliffs at Birling Gap
Birling Gap, environmental nude self portrait

In the face of grandeur (2010)

Despite some people being about, there was a chance to get close to the cliff face and get this image. But one frame only! Under the circumstances I’m really pleased with the outcome.