Being somebody else (revisited)

Back in 2014 I made my first blog post on the subject of “Being somebody else”.

It’s time to pull a few images on this theme together. To paraphrase what the original post said…

These are self portraits so this is me and only me, but at the same time I am none of the people you see in these images. I have total respect for the people who through choice or because of the way they are born find their lifestyles reflected here. This is me giving free range to my creativity, with frankness and hopefully with a little humour – these images do not represent fantasies of what I want to be or do other than in a little act for the camera. They are meant to be provocative, even confrontational.

I am a fan of other artists, often introverts like me, who put themselves out there “being somebody else” seemingly all of the time. Because they are known for it they usually have the confidence not to have to write the preceding paragraph. These are my efforts to be somebody else too.

Hotel room – single occupancy
The audition
In his dreams
A naturist tiff
War and peace
Now back to the routine (from my original post)