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I can help you get new customers through advising on how to get more visitors through search engine optimisation and through cost effective online marketing from other sources.

Ideally you should be able to gain visitor numbers for free by maximising links to your site and getting your site found on search engines. But many sites do not remotely fulfil their potential visitor numbers from these sources. I can help you achieve significant growth, not just in visitor numbers but also in sales.

A warning - search engine optimisation can be something of a black art. If not done ethically, or carried out over-aggressively, then your site can get banned from being listed at all.


Getting into the top ten places to get hits from search engines is no good if it is based on false promises of what visitors will actually find at your site. Such visitors will buy nothing and never return.

I look beyond search engine optimisation - once your site is found, what needs to be optimised is sales from new and returning visitors. Web sales optimisation is a broad issue and is about optimising visitor numbers and converting them to sales through effective content.

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To run your online business effectively you need to get visitors and turn them into customers. I can help you do this for a single agreed fee (I can provide a quotation) or alternatively charge one half of that sum with a further fee charged based on results.

RESULTS......, an online photo agency, obtains first page listings at the GLOBAL Google site that would require several pages to catalogue! For example "sell stock photography" (2nd place), "stock photographs London" (1st place), "photography racehorses" (1st place)

Shirley Eborn ( is a costume maker with a UK market place - for "costume maker" she is in 3rd place at Google UK.

There are no underhand search engine optimisation tactics in achieving these results - no ugly and pointless "doorway pages" that could get you banned. It is simply down to sound design and the sensible use of words on the page. Let me help you achieve similar results.

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