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Photographers have long been able to sell their images through stock photo libraries. The way that this is done is in a state of flux because there is now the ability to create, store and supply images digitally. More than this, individual photographers can direct themselves at a global marketplace.

Photographers using traditional media to capture images increasingly have the ability to capture quality scans themselves. This removes the need for the library as an intermediary with photo buyers. However, for sellers, if going it alone, it is difficult to ensure that they are found by buyers.

From the buyer's perspective, searches for images can be conducted using search engines on the internet as a whole or within individual libraries. But anyone who has attempted to pinpoint a particular image will know that these searches can be frustrating. In particular the individual images that form the content of most of the major online libraries are not picked up by the standard or image search facilities available though popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.


I have acquired the domain and am using this to sell my own work and develop a new model in cooperation with other photographers wishing to look at a new innovative approach to image sales.

Photoconnect is now open for business.

Photoconnect reduces the up front workload for the photographer and allows the photographer to be responsible for the delivery of the final product. Photoconnect not only allows each and every image to be directly accessible from search engines but the page design ensures that they have a real chance of featuring near the top of the search rankings.





At present my images are sold at my own site,

and also at

Searching on the name 'Scott Hortop' will reveal what is currently available.


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