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Photographers, actors, performing artists, artists and models have different requirements to others when it comes to presenting their work on the web. I firmly believe that it is the content of the images that must dominate - think of the stark white walls in most real world galleries. But beyond the simplicity of presentation and clean design, each website should stand out as something tailored to the artist (and not yet another regurgitation of the same template or database).

However at the same time there are commonalities with other businesses - in particular there is the challenge of attracting visitors to the site through search engines.

So here's what I propose to you if you are a photographer, artist, actor or model. You send me digital files of your images and the necessary copy for the website and I will:

  • talk with you as necessary to understand your needs and the design characteristics that you feel would be best for your site
  • advise and agree on the content that you need other than images - usually there would be an 'about' (autobiographical) page, contact details and a page detailing services that can be provided, sometimes with pricing
  • optimise your images for size and fast download on the web - up to 50 in up to five 'galleries'
  • create gallery templates unique to you for your site
  • create simple but unique graphics to control navigation
  • provide a form to deal with enquiries (sadly this is rather more effective than a mere email link!)
  • put everything together and put it on the web.

But at that point my services would not end and my fixed price would include the following 'extras' that are in reality essentials:

  • a unique domain name chosen by you for you to project your business (eg ScottyH.com)
  • an email address in your business name (eg Scott@ScottyH.com)
  • hosting for the website on my webspace for two years (your own space is an alternative)
  • careful tailoring of the visible and invisible site content to make the site march up the ranks of the search engines
  • submission to the search engines, and
  • update of content (up to five pages) as circumstances change over those two years
  • after two years I will continue to host the site for £20 per annum

The fixed price is a nice round £500 - at present I do not charge VAT so some will need to factor that in as well when comparing to other service providers. When getting quotes from elsewhere remember to ask about the 'extras'.


Photographers, actors, artists, models - see the special fixed price service opposite that nevertheless gives you a bespoke website including many 'extras'.

It is all very well 'having a website' and getting quotes for the best price for this service, but if you do not pay for the 'extras' that really make the difference then you will not be getting the value that you deserve from your website.

The cost of these 'extras' can often be rather more than the quote for the website design itself so when making comparisons do ask about these little details!

Finally, the truth is that many web designers are technicians (and many excel at this) but unfortunately all too often they like nothing more than to make images fly around the page, fade obscurely or flash on and off (taking the banner on this site as an example!). All these impact the user experience. As a photographer my sensibilities for presenting a photography portfolio (as opposed to a web designer's own site!) are different - I will ensure that your images stand out and not the sometimes obtrusive technical accomplishments of the web page.




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