Creating nude art – collaboration through photography

This site is not just about the photography of the naked self that is me. It is about other naked selves too – the individuals who have joined me in nude art collaboration.

Ada - nude photo collaborations in environment
Nude collaboration with E.
Jess - naked collaborative photo shoots
Nude male photo shoot with artist Mike
Nude photo collaborations with Natansky
Sharon - life model nude at home

Located in Brighton, UK, I’m looking for people to work with to produce more collaborative nudes in the styles you already see here. I am not looking for people who hold themselves out to be models – none of the people I have collaborated with are photographic models – but I do want to work with people who can relate to my images, and want something for themselves out of working with me.

The emphasis is on collaboration – I’ve a good eye for light, location and composition but I’d also like ideas to flow from you – you must feel free to express yourself. I’m looking for depth, images that reflect your personality. I know how to exploit even the most unlikely location and would far rather accept the challenge of doing this than get caught in a studio. The results may be gritty rather than glamorous but in my eyes they will be far more artful.

You will be naked and feel free and confident about it, not hiding your face. You will feel confident because you know that after processing the shoot I’ll be talking to you about what happens to the different images produced and where they might be published. Some you might feel should never be seen by anyone and that will be fine, they shall be deleted. Any of the rest may be published, most importantly on the internet.

The thought that the images may finish up on the internet is off putting to many people. While the idea is to produce collaborative art to show to the world, I understand the need for anonymity that may arise and will explain how I deal with that so that the chance of your images being seen by someone who you do not want to see them is small.

I have a principle of not paying for models and not being paid for carrying out shoots. I have a model release which we can both sign which clearly sets out what we each can do with the images. To me this makes it clear how the relationship works and has set up some great creative and respectful collaborations.

I can travel from Brighton, but you are likely to be located within London and the South East of England.

We have to click

I work with far fewer people than the number who approach me to photograph them. To work with me collaboratively you have to have a certain personality and look. Male or female, young or not so young I can’t really define what I’m looking for but you should be able to feel free in front of the lens. You must also be wanting to do it for the right reasons. I could spend an age writing about that, but won’t.