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If you are starting a small business in the UK then you are probably thinking about what your first steps onto the web should be. Employing an internet consultant can be of value in two ways:

  • to make sure that your internet strategy is the right one
  • to help you put that strategy in place, thus freeing up your own time to manage your mainstream business


Fundamental decisions are to be made on what anyone starting a small business should do on the world wide web - even if the decision is nothing, then it ought to be the right decision - otherwise you will lose out to your competitors.

You probably already have a vision of where you want your business to go. You need to factor in what the web can offer to help you get there. I can help you make the right decision and, should you wish, help you take things forward.


Small businesses in particular balk at the prospective cost of developing a web presence. But there are many stories of small web investments delivering excellent returns - a local leafleting and advertising budget being very profitably reallocated to gain sales from not just across the UK but also all over the world via the web is not far fetched for the right business.

Investing in a rock solid offering that builds on, integrates with and showcases your existing business, and opens new markets need not cost the earth. If you make the right decisions then a presence on the web in the UK with your own domain name and dedicated webspace can cost rather less than £1000 to set up with running costs of less than £100 per annum. Of course, for many businesses this may be a false economy but, as ever, getting the decision right is all important.


I recognise that those starting a small business do not have the cash available of more established businesses, but neither do they have the money to burn on putting the wrong internet solution in place. My independence coupled with my experience and background means that the focus of my attention is on your business and its particular needs. I can work with you at an attractive rate because I believe that I can help make you a success and this will make you use me again.

A meaningful review to give you practical advice on your options on the web can take two days or two months depending upon your business. For businesses in London, the South West London area and Surrey I charge a special rate of £150 per day for a period up to one week. This will enable you get advice, to assess results and decide whether further work at my normal rate (as a small business web consultant) of 45 per hour will be of value to you. (Please enquire if you are situated elsewhere in the UK - I may still be able to provide a solution for you).

I will report to you in the form that you prefer and my knowledge and independence means that I can suggest the most practical and cost effective solutions. Should you require it, I can project manage the process of getting your presence in place (to ensure best prices and required quality). I can also draw on the resources of my association with Fairburn Edser Smith to help with large project management jobs or advise on broad based marketing.



Ensuring that the establishment of your web presence is carried through effectively by whoever you hire means diverting time from running your business. You are recommended to read 'Small Business websites that Work', a book by Sean McManus. Sean writes a newsletter that is regularly updated......

Read the latest newsletter here

Your time may be more effectively spent running your business - that is where I come in, not necessarily to set up your website, but to help you make the right decisions and guide progress. If this sounds strange then read more of Sean's book, - it might just make uncommonly good sense.

For independent advice on how to choose a web designer, the Design Council have put together an online tool:

Web Design for Business

Need more confidence in what the web can do for a diverse range of businesses? Try

For a range of advice for those involved with startups or small businesses


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