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Usability, use, accessibility and the appropriate content are all vital elements for new or mature corporate intranets if they are to deliver value to the end user. If the end user gets value then so does the organisation in which he or she works.

Most of the considerations set out elsewhere on this site in dealing with the internet apply equally to the corporate intranet. Please consult that content for guidance on the services that I can provide.


Members of IT departments are frequently experts in database technology. It is no accident that most intranets are based on that technology. Once a database is in place then 'content management systems' come into their own in spanning the technology gap between the IT department and the intranet content provider.

Sometimes it all works well, but very often is does not. Content management systems are expensive and relatively content provider unfriendly; the output onto the web page is frequently unattractive and inflexible. It is no surprise that important corporate messages can often be ignored by the intended reader.

But it need not be like this.When setting up an intranet, there are alternatives that eliminate many of the disadvantages while administrators can maintain control over what content providers can amend. These alternatives are not suited to all circumstances but should be actively considered.

Let me help me show you how by being open minded and flexible an under-performing intranet can be revitalised.

Intranet Consulting Services

My experience on intranets is in presenting user-friendly intranet content in an attractive manner that makes users want to return for more. All the usability, navigation and accessibility guidelines that apply to the internet apply to intranets too - I can make sure that in these areas your intranet performs at its best. And intranet content should be presented attractively too - sometimes poorly laid out content across an entire intranet can be transformed in a matter of hours......

Whatever your position I can let you know what options you have and help implement change.

Intranet Decisions

If you have or will be implementing a small to medium sized intranet then you should be considering whether a non-database driven option is a realistic option for you. The presentational and cost benefits can be very real.

Options such as Macromedia's Contribute software present a real cost-effective alternative to a database. Whatever you finally choose, I can help you choose what is right for your circumstances and help you implement the system.

Projecting vital messages

Sometimes messages are so vital that employees in large organisations are gathered from far and wide to hear them at a conference. The cost in staff time far surpasses the cost of the facilities.

By using streaming video judiciously on the intranet those messages can be heard in a much more cost effective way. I can help set up web pages on your intranet to carry this content and work with a skilled video production company to record and compress it.

For more detail see here.


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