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To help your business on the web, I can offer a rare but refreshing portfolio of skills - web designer and consultant, broad based business advisor and photographer, to ensure that your internet or intranet presence is attractive, visited, and does what it should do to serve your customers.

I also make sure that your web site serves you - by designing it so that, whatever your background, it uses the easiest and most flexible options for you to control, amend and even expand it - without having to contact me.

You can choose a single partner for your business to provide it personal support that can bring to you:

  • over 20 years experience in the City of London advising a variety of global and smaller business
  • 5 years experience of intranet and internet web design
  • web design skills - including user friendly database driven designs - see my design portfolio
  • photography - examine my creative image portfolio

You have an opportunity to cut out the costs, delays and frustrations of trying to organise a host of separate service providers and instead use someone who can get close to your business to give your customers a valuable experience and you a web site that is easy for you to maintain through custom made user friendly interfaces.

You do not have to use me on a 'holistic' basis to benefit from my skills. The links to the left will help you understand the range of services that I can provide individually or combined.

I am unashamedly an independent consultant - your work does not get delegated to trainees fresh out of college. I only sub-contract work with your knowledge and when it makes business sense for all. I maintain close contact with the more broad ranging business consulting firm, Fairburn Edser Smith, so I am able to bring a wider range of expertise to help you should the need arise.

If you think the fit is right then I would be delighted to hear from you. I would be pleased to give you a free initial consultation - I can visit most Central London, and Northern Surrey locations.

Scott Hortop


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