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So you've decided to take the plunge, you want a website. You find someone to develop it for you and you enter the brave new world of the web marketplace.

The rest of this site is devoted to how the story is not thta simple. However, once the site is in place, without dedicated in house support your web presence can soon let you down - the alternative is external help that you can rely on. But you can tell from looking at the web that ongoing support is simply not viewed by many web designers as being as interesting and exciting as designing the site in the first place.

How do you know that that external support will continue to have your interests at heart?

For the right business I can provide support through innovative pricing that rewards both sides of the arrangement. That is what I mean with It is particularly suited to those who are nervous of the possibilities and investment involved in setting up a web presence.


Separately, I am developing a new kind of venture in selling stock and fine art photography. This is initially aimed at selling my own work but may appeal to many photographers who feel excluded from the current market and photo buyers who want a better deal. This is called photoconnect and it will be developing steadily over the coming months.

complete support for your business on the web - including the possibility of innovative pricing for those sceptical of the possibilities


a personal venture which deserves the attention of photographers and photo buyers


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