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With, I am talking about support and involvement with your business on the web. In the long run this can deliver greater success and lower costs than piecemeal alternatives. When you work with me on this basis I will bring the depth of my experience and innovative outlook to support your venture.


So what does innovative pricing when connected to actually mean? It is particularly suited to a business with a product that occupies a niche. It may or may not have a website but no real effort has been made as yet to sell using the web, perhaps because it is sceptical of the prospects of any return for the outlay involved.

If I perceive that this business has a genuine opportunity to profit from the right sort of web presence then I could be willing to:

  • develop this presence
  • set it up on the web
  • and support it

all for low up front cost to the business. I will then take a commission on sales generated. The advantage to the business proprietor is that he or she should know up front what costs might be there in generating these increased sales and accordingly a part of the business risk has effectively been passed to me and my judgement on what makes businesses successful on the web.

What's the catch? Most importantly the business must fulfil its role in delivering its product to its new customers. Hopefully that is the way that you run your business anyway- if so then may be right for you. AS A DOMAIN NAME

I own the domain name "". But that does not stop you being able to use it. Your business may be suited to using a sub-domain - for example, if you run a business advisory firm called 'Smithsons' then your web address could be Alternatively I could set up the more usual (assuming this was available) for your regular web address and you could use for special promotions on the web linking into other media.



if you have a business that:

  • operates in a niche
  • delivers a physical or digital product
  • can take and deliver orders from far flung places
  • can cope with increased volumes of sales without incurring new fixed costs

then it is very likely to be one which is to be enhanced by selling online.

Talk to me abobout the possibilities.



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