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It depends......

I receive many calls along the lines of - I want a website - what does it cost?

If 'a website' is all you want then I may not be the best person to speak to. If instead you want something specific to your business that is going to project professionalism, confidence and let's face it, allow you to charge more for whatever you offer, then I can provide you with great value for money.

The basic charge that I make for my services is £45 per hour. At these rates you can get a lot of website for a reasonable cost. It is unlikely to be the cheapest but longer term it will probably turn out to be the best value for your business.

I am very happy to give quotations IF you can tightly define what you want. If you cannot do this, it often means that you need help in deciding what is best for your business. Unlike other firms, I do not charge at a higher rate for such consultancy work - when a specification for your business has been arrived at I can give quotations on the web development work.

I actively encourage my clients to help themselves to keep costs down. The table on the left should hopefully provide some help on how this can be done. It reflects what's in my basic terms and conditions.

Helping keep cost down:

  • Give me a written specification of what you want
  • Provide a logo
  • Choose clean simple design (it's what customers like!)
  • Avoid complex graphics; curves add costs
  • Go for simple text based navigation (it's what search engines like!)
  • Provide your content in a form suitable for easy insertion
  • Choose to update the website yourself

These add costs (but money well spent):

  • Helping you decide what is best for you (there are people out there who may give you something else!)
  • Design and preparation of images and logos
  • Photography - quality photography will set you apart
  • Advice and action on search optimisation
  • Content management tools

What I do not do (don't ask):

  • Steal images or code from other websites
  • 'Adult sites' (grown up sites for grown ups are fine)
  • Underhand search optimisation

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