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Scott Hortop
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Commercial photography can mean many things - profiling business executives, organising models for a set-piece advertising shoot, architecture - interiors and exteriors.

The portfolios allow you to judge my style and abilities, but remember that my background is wider than that of a photographer and that means that I really can understand what makes your business tick and get the images that will allow you to show it with maximum impact.

For commercial photography I offer a range of flexible options depending on your needs.

  • ready made commercial stock images are available from my stock photography site
  • if you cannot find what you want there then you can commission me to produce photography for you. If you do not require exclusive rights to the photography then you can have it available to you at the same price as the equivalent stock image on the site - bespoke photography at an off the shelf price
  • if you have special requirements (for example if you are not located in or around Kingston or London) or require exclusive use of images produced then I can provide a competitive quotation.







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