A missing week – previewing old age

It’s been a week since I last posted anything – my abdominals have been playing up culminating with a few hours spent on a surgical ward in a Brighton hospital while they decided whether or not to pull out my appendix.

They didn’t because they decided it wasn’t the appendix anyway. I’m 90 % OK now but there may still be more tests…..

Two things struck me when I was at the low points:

  • how physically difficult it can be to do simple things
  • how it became really quite difficult to be interested in anything (I have a pile of DVDs etc I always thought I would catch up with when laid low – managed to watch two but little more)

I’ve done shoots in old people’s homes – I considered it but I’m not going to use the images here. But you will know the score – the constant help needed to do simple things. The TV on but no one watching. This was my preview. 

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