“Rite of Spring” – Evoking naked ritual?

A post from a shoot in March 2011 which had lost it’s connected image on flickr. I have spotted quite a few like this that will have to be fixed. Very irritating but a chance to promote forward a few images lost at the back of this blog.

This was the first of the images from my first collaboration with Ada Sancerre. For the record, it was 10 degrees C. and windspeed up to 35 kph and it had rained continuously overnight. Yes, the British spring had arrived.

I really enjoy using a film camera

The clickety clack, the pace, the need not to waste a frame, the mystery of what is going to emerge, the difference in what emerges, the subtle grain, the camera that once cost thousands of pounds that cost me £100, the feeling of artistic superiority over the DSLR user with the big lens, the word ‘analog’.


Right now I am sitting at the computer scanning medium format negatives….