Feel good, sack your client!

I used to do a lot of web design work. But the business and marketing advice that went with it was expected but never valued. Often ignored. And never paid for….

My email today:

“we have been here before, and this time last year I raised most of these issues”

My email Sept 2010:

“here’s an important thought…..
The site was originally designed for the format of computer screens being populary used when the site was first assembled. Things have changed with many people now using wide and shallow laptop screens. And they are changing again with many people to be using iPhones and iPads & the like with narrow and deep screens – and in particular your audience? Further mobile Apple devices do not support Flash so viewers will not see the moving images. So people finding the site may not be seeing what you see”

And this morning I got an email headed ‘problems’:

“We have noticed some problems with our website which we need to get sorted asap”

Guess what the problems that they have just noticed are?

Three years ago I stopped advertising web design services; my clients keep coming back but I’m slowly and gently losing them. This client I’ve suggested undertake a strategic review & complete redesign. A major investment. And by the way I’m concentrating on photography now…..