A personal digest of naked art, self portraiture and collaborations


For over thirty years my nude self portrait photography has been a form of art therapy to help me accept my body. In the latter part of that period other men and women have collaborated to create nude art, exposing their naked selves, sometimes uninhibited, often quite personal,  at home or in the environment. I am now based in Brighton, UK and many of the images have been captured in the South Downs landscapes around that city.

All galleries on this site features the frank art photography of the naked male and female. If this is not for you because of your own preference or your legal system’s rules (especially on age) then please avoid.

All this nakedness reflects my strongly held view that there is nothing offensive about any aspect of the human body, especially when presented in a way that makes an artistic statement or conveys its beauty. By normalising rather than sensationalising nudity we as a society will all be better off, more comfortable in our own skins.

If you could see yourself in my art then enquiries about collaborations are welcome – read more here.


All images are copyright. Reproduction and use elsewhere is prohibited – please contact me first, I often can grant permission. Sharing, retweeting etc of my post within a platform is fine.

Scott H.